Skulduggery Pleasant (#3): The Faceless Ones – Derek Landy


5 stars out of 5

Once again a few new characters, all of them very well-written. I wanted to kill Remus Crux practically instantly after having “met” him for the first time, but Finbar Wrong is probably one of the best characters ever written. (Even if he doesn’t have much “screen time”, so to say.)

Fletcher Renn is incredibly irritating at first, but he gets better towards the end.

Solomon Wreath is intriguing. I wonder what he really wants to gain. I’m not buying that altruistic reasoning for a second.

But seriously: If Thurid Guild and Remus Crux are supposed to be “good guys” (and the Grand Mage is supposed to be a good guy), I’ll stay with the bad ones. What a pair of jerks!

The scene in the “pretend house” beneath Gordon’s actual house was absolutely terrifying. I loved it!

There’s a very, very nice twist at the end! I’m usually good at spotting things like this, but I didn’t see that one coming. Clever.

Will we ever get to learn more about Skulduggery’s past? Kenspeckle Grouse seems to really despise him, and I’m curious as to why.

It’s starting to get a liiiittle bit “romance-y”, but so far it’s all veeeery low-key and pretty much non-existent, so I can live with it – for now.

A great book, but not for children, I think. Melting eyes, adhering lips and bodies turning inside out are hard even on me, and I’m an adult (at least age-wise).


I can’t believe they killed Mr. Bliss!! *wails* Our only hope of getting rid of that stupid Grand Mage Thurid Guild!!

And seriously: can’t Stephanie see that the reflection might become a problem? I know she has a lot on her plate, but she can’t be that stupid, right?

Paddy being Batu was just… wow! I never suspected him for a second! I mean, yeah, I knew something was a little off about him when he started this kind of “philosophical discussion” with Stephanie, but I just thought he’ll turn out to be a sorcerer in the end. Or he’ll have some magic, but nothing “spectacular” or something. Huh. I guess his tactic worked better than anybody thought, if even the readers were fooled. Hats off to Derek Landy!


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