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Skulduggery Pleasant #5: Mortal Coil – Derek Landy


5 starst out of 5

I still think that Wreath and his strange high priest have completely miscalculated. Yes, Valkyrie likes the powers of a necromancer, but she’s not stupid. Conceited, arrogant, vain maybe, but not stupid. (Well, actually she is sometimes, but not in that regard.) And she’s careful. Sometimes. But every time it counts. So… Whatever they have planned, they already rely too much on Valkyrie’s compliance, and I can’t see that happening.

Apparently “Team Skulduggery” is not at all perfect. Underestimating the enemy (especially like that) is not only negligent but also incredibly stupid.
We get to see a more vicious side of Skulduggery, too, in this book, however briefly. The cold and clinical way he hurt Dalrymple was… I wouldn’t say OOC, since we still don’t know all that much about his character, respectively his character’s past, but it was rather telling.

Wow! The “Toxic Twins” are the first mortals to find out Valkyrie’s secret. I have to admit I didn’t see that coming. At this point I actually thought no one of the “normal people” would find out. Huh. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Val, please stop calling your reflection stupid. Even you should have realised by now it’s (she’s?) anything but!

And, GOD! Can you just leave the good characters be for one bloody book??? As soon as I like someone they die, are possessed be Remnants or turn out to be traitors! Seriously! It’s worse than Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter combined!
I still hope that not everyone who died stays dead, but so far none of the others came back (Skulduggery notwithstanding), so… *sighs*

Nye was effing creepy, but I loved the whole sequence!

Fletcher is now “together” with Valkyrie. Hmpf. And I already feel some kind of “love-drama-triangle” coming (possible with Caelan). Meh.
*reads about five pages more* Oh, look! There it is already! The Love-Drama-Triangle. Oh, barf!
I still find Fletcher highly irritating, and Caelan is even worse. He’s like all the men in the world who can’t take no for an answer. I don’t understand that boyfriend/love-triangle thing in general. Why is this even in there? Because it’s “the done thing”? Because the story itself would’ve worked just as well without Valkyrie having a love-life.


Davina Marr died far too quickly. Can we get her back and kill her again, just slower?

I was utterly gutted by the death of Kenspeckle Grouse (poor Clarabelle!), but what hit me even harder was the loss of Tanith. I have no words.

You know, with folks like Tennebrae, the Remnants and Madame Mist around, I would totally understand if Val got full-on Darquesse to just kill those ugly low-lives, and consequences be damned. I probably would.