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Salem’s Lot – Stephen King


4,5 Stars out of 5

Yes. This is definitely still one of my favourite books.

But be aware: this book takes its time before anything actually happens, so you’ll need a bit of patience. And I’m talking about pretty much half the book here, so consider yourselves warned.

Stephen King uses roughly the first half of the book to establish some kind of every-day-life-routine for Salem’s Lot and its people. He introduces a lot of characters (and by “a lot” I mean about a metric ton); not only the main ones but also supporting characters which don’t always play a larger part, but still pop up now and then, and just add to the “this is a small-town community feeling”, imo. The characters are not all likable (tbh, most of them aren’t), but then, you have many of those in RL small towns, too, so…

Anyway. Yes, this book is off to a slow beginning, but the story itself is beautiful. Long, heartbreaking, creepy and brutal, but beautiful nevertheless. It might remind you of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, but at the same time it’s completely different. (And the best thing of all? Those vampires don’t sparkle in the sunlight. They are good old-fashioned vampires who just want your blood by all means necessary, and consequences be damned!)

You won’t get to keep all your darlings. A lot of them will die. (If they’re lucky.) And I still think of “Salem’s Lot” as one of my favourite books. Knowing me (as some of you do), this is a rare occurrence indeed.