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Star Trek TOS: Ice Trap – L. A. Graf


5 of 5 stars.

The book focuses on Kirk and McCoy on one hand and Chekov and Uhura on the other. There is a bit of Spock, Scott and Sulu, but mostly it’s the aforementioned four and some “Red Shirts”, which we get to know well enough that it actually hurts when/if they die.

As in “Death Count” everyone is very professional and well-trained and I’m still a bit in awe that L. A. Graf managed to pull that off without the book becoming unbearably dull or way too serious. Even in the most dire situations (and in “Ice Trap” there are many) there’s always something to give you hope, to look forward to, to make you smile a bit, because that’s EXACTLY how the characters would react and think like.

I have no idea if the science is sound, but it sounded sound to me, so there.

It was a joy to read.